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Laminated Rolls and Pouches

Co-extruded PE Lamination Film in up to 3 layers with one-side CORONA treated for SOLVENT BASE AND SOLVENT LESS lamination. Used as sealant layer in 3 and 4 layer laminates of PET & BOPP.

- High Dart Impact and Tensile strength metallocene films for 5 Kg- 10 Kg pouches

- Suitable for food & pharmaceutical packaging with 100% virgin FDA-approved PE

- Superb sealability & strong tack force for Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) machines

- Excellent stability & performance on high-speed lines

- Excellent transparency, tearing resistance, chemical & grease resistance

- Films for Nitrogen Flushing in snack food pouches

Film Thickness:
- 15- 150 microns

Roll Width:
- 40 mm - 2500 mm

Roll Color:
- Clear
- Extra clear
- Milky
- Black
- Different colors in outer and inner layers

You can request customized plastic film to meet your industrial needs!

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